Guinness 45cl

How do you launch a value campaign without compromising the equity of a premium brand?

That was the challenge before us on the Guinness 45cl brief. By sidestepping the conventional – and predictable – promo route, we were able to develop a campaign that focused the conversation on how much more the drinker was getting as opposed to how much less he would have to pay.

The result was the award-winning Guinness 45cl “Power of More” campaign. A visiting Diageo executive described the TV spot that launched the campaign as the best product ad he’d seen in years. We’re just glad it made so many beer drinkers want to reach for a Guinness.

The Power of Naija

In October 2009, the Super Eagles of Nigeria (the National Football Team) were playing badly and in danger of failing to qualify for Africa’s first World Cup. With most Nigerians having given up on the team, our brief was to inspire a nation to believe once more. We gave them something to believe in. Something bigger than any player or team. We gave them THE POWER OF NAIJA.

When the team finally did qualify for the World Cup in a nail-biting final game, many sports commentators called it the Guinness miracle. But the fans more fondly preferred to call it The Power of Naija.

Harp Lime

When asked to introduce a lime-flavoured Harp variant to the Nigerian beer-drinking market, we launched our campaign with the juiciest beer commercial ever seen on Nigerian screens.

Support communication used beach party sights and sounds to offer up an exciting sub-brand that promises loads of exotic fun.