Our Works

Access Bank “Tough Choices”​

The Challenge

When the COVID-19 imposed lockdown forced many organizations to shut down their businesses, it meant costs had to be cut and in many cases, people were furloughed or laid off.​ Access Bank made the news when it attempted to embark on some cost cutting of its own. The public and the media labelled them as uncaring. Customers threatened to leave the bank in droves.​

The insight

From business owners to family breadwinners, we all faced one thing in common – the need to make hard choices to survive the pandemic. ​

The Solution

We created a campaign that was an ode to everyone making tough choices based on a truth everyone could relate with. ​ Produced in the thick of lockdown with library footage, the campaign message “Tough choices will see us through” resonated with internal and external audiences alike. ​